Practitioner & KOL Industry Affairs Management

Practitioner/educator, researcher, thought-leaders and others with Industry relationships are at risk for Regulatory oversight. The biggest increase in FDA and OIG investigations is with individual practitioners. New and constantly changing regulations put practitioners with any Industry relationships at risk for monitoring and close public scrutiny. These relationships have often been defined in the subtlest ways, and many practitioners are unaware of regulations that impact them. These practitioners need a cushion between their clinical practices and their Industry relationships. These Key Opinion Leaders need someone to represent their interests. Busy practitioners with either academic appointments or private practices have decreasing time and logistical support to review Industry funded opportunities. As Industry funding is reduced, the number of high quality projects is reduced. We represent 300 high visibility KOLs, in multiple specialties. We work for you, and at no cost to you. Contact us today for a discussion about how we can begin working for you.

Manage Industry relationships
Expand higher quality projects
Medical publicist/agent
Concierge level scheduling and travel assistant
Regulatory compliance consulting
Speakers Bureau, Advisory Board, Influence Mapping

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