Professional Society & Association Management

The Performance Healthcare Initiative is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation, and we have over a decade of experience managing and collaborating with not-for-profits. Our advisory board is made up of prominent physicians who have led groups, associations, and societies at the local, regional, and national level, and in nearly all medical specialties. At the core of our effectiveness is a large and technologically advanced data/contact/communications system. Our senior management includes, many long-time and well-networked Industry individuals, and we are particularly adept at successfully soliciting marketing sponsorship, securing CME grant support, and Charitable Contributions.

Association management:

Complete and transparent financial management, Always-current accounting, Regular and on-demand financial statements, Credit card acceptance, Dedicated Executive Director, Board, By-law, organizational management, Concierge level travel staff.

Database management:

Dedicated database, Technology integrated to entire management system.

Membership services:

Member data management, Membership analysis, Member dues management, Membership retention, recruitment and expansion.

Marketing and communications:

Multiple media, member preferred delivery, Regular, meaningful engagement, Internal membership and external stakeholder communication, Newsletters, Blast and breeze communications, Surveys, Brand strategy development.

Design and development of continuous educational platform:

Member focused, Expert driven, Outcome-based, Integrated with practitioner, group practice, health system PI initiatives, Highly interactive

Meeting management:

Complete meeting management- see Meeting Management Section on this site

Funding, support, and sponsorship development:

Year round Industry solicitation, Innovative projects that support the needs of both members and sponsors, Intimate Industry insight and contacts.

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